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Create Real Estate Brochures in Seconds

Save time and sell more with custom-made real estate brochure PDFs - All at a fraction of the cost.

Favoured by industry leaders
Trusted globally by over 50 leading real estate professionals
Mia-Julia Siller
Project Development
Trusted globally by over 50 leading real estate professionals
Joshua Anthony
Real Estate Agent

Your real estate brochure will be ready in under 5 minutes and will be 28 times cheaper than using manual work

The quickest way to create modern real estate brochures

Upload property photos and details to instantly generate polished PDFs, perfect for client presentations, print brochures, and email marketing campaigns. Save time, impress clients, and get ahead.

Fill out form

Fill out our quick 10-question form to provide essential property details, setting the foundation for your personalized PDF.

Upload images

Effortlessly upload & edit high-quality images that highlight your property's best features.

Choose theme

Choose a theme that aligns with your object's aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive and professional look.

Review & Launch

Review your content to ensure everything is perfect before generating your polished, ready-to-use PDF.

"As a Project Developer I need to create more than 5 Listings per day. This tool is awesome! It helps me save more than 3 hourse a day!"
Mia-Julia Siller - Project Development

Build Real Estate Presentations in an Instant

Like magic

More sales

You answer 10 questions about your object. AI will create a fully tailored and creative sales brochure. Structured in 6 different slides within a beautiful designed template.

With a custom made Exposé you receive 10X more inquiries from potential buyers or tenants. A well made real estate brochure separates good selling agents from the rest.

Ever had a hard time writing real estate listings?

With our intuitive platform, simply respond to 10 targeted questions about your property.

Our AI takes care of crafting a bespoke narrative for your real estate object.

You'll be presented with ready-to-use text modules and a selection of three design templates to make your listing stand out.

Get your custom Real Estate Brochures with 10 questions. Save hours of time. 🕑

Sell 10X faster and save hours of time.
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"After discovering this tool, my work wasn't the same any more. In the past it took me around 3-4 houres to get one brochure for an object. Now only 5 minutes. A no brainer for every real estate agent!"
Joshua Anthony - Real Estate Agent


Free Trial

Perfect for getting started and testing the app's capabilities.

Features included:

Free access for 1 week
6 unique slides
Access to basic templates
Preview your PDF


Enhance your team's efficiency with automated property brochures.

Everything in Demo, plus...

5 brochures / month
Access to all templates
Personal support


For corporates managing a vast portfolio of real estate assets.

Everything in Basic, plus...

Up to 50 brochures per month
API-based custom integrations
Multi-language support
Editable PDF-files
My Real Estate Listing - AI - Create real estate listings within 5 minutes - using AI | Product Hunt

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay?

We use Stripe's secure checkout which accepts the majority of credit cards and also offers European Debit Card payments. We do not store any of your (credit) card information. If you want to pay via PayPal, please send an email and we'll arrange that!

Who writes the content?

Our real estate listings are written by AI and they are 100% original. That means that the content of every listing PDF we generate and deliver is unique and tailored specifically for your object you want to list. You can use this content any way you want.

Can I preview the PDF without spending credits?

Yes, indeed. A preview is generated for you after you've filled out the form. Should you approve, one credit for each presentation will be deducted, enabling you to download your pdf.

What do I get?

You'll receive a six-page custom-made real estate listing brochure/flyer tailored for the specific property you wish to sell or rent. The listing comes in PDF format and is designed based on a modern template of your choice.